Hello! Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been thinking about creating this blog for awhile now and I feel like its finally time for me to make this happen. Mainly because I’ve got a lots of thoughts about things that I read, watch and love or you know things I want to rant about because again I’ve got a lot of opinions about things. Thus, the nugget was placed in my mind till it grew and grew and I was like ‘I’ll make a blog and people may or may not read it but its gonna happen.’

This blog is gonna be writing about books, movies, tv shows and anything else that strikes my fancy. I’m a huge book reader and lover, I love movies and I love tv and I’ve got strong feelings about lots of things. This is gonna be a blog full of things that I love and a mix of nerdy and geeky things as well.

Enjoy a look into my life and the things I love.

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