One of the things that my friends like to tease me about is how I’m always behind on popular shows.  It started in college when I never had time to watch my shows as they aired so I would wait until it came out on DVD to buy and watch them.  Since college ended, I haven’t changed much in my viewing habits in that I’m still always at least a season behind on a show even if I catch the occasional episode as it airs.

When Game of Thrones aired I never saw it live because I didn’t have HBO then and honestly I still don’t. I don’t remember how I ended up with season 1 but it must have been either from Target or at a gift exchange because it doesn’t show up on my past Amazon orders but I know I hadn’t watched it yet. I know I didn’t start watching it till after February 2013 because I had ordered a box set of the 1st four books and the 2nd season.   I started watching the 1st season not long after that only to stop after 2 or 3 episodes to read the books.

Fun fact I did that with True Blood, where I watched an episode before deciding to read the books first. So there I am reading the first book going ‘oh my god, this is so good.  I can’t wait to read the 2nd one.’ and then I stop.  I forgot about the 2nd book and the show because life got busy and I had other things I was reading and watching.  I could keep up with what was going on because we are in the age of social media which means that no sooner does something happen on a show, does it appear online.  And I could infer enough that no one realized I haven’t actually read all the books or seen the series and I was okay with that because again, too busy.   That hasn’t stopped me from buying the sets on DVD/Blu-ray when they come out though.

It was announced this year that Game of Thrones would finish after season 8 and the hype of season 7 has become ridiculous.  So much so that I have finally decided that I need to sit and watch the entire series before the season finally or rather before Saturday night when I’m having dinner with a bunch of friends that all watch the show religiously and have found out that I’m not keeping up.

So I’ve been watching it and am on Season 3 currently (almost half way there) and I have to say that part of me likes the show because it makes me think of European history in particularly English history during the War of the Roses.  Let’s talk about drama, intrigue, betrayal and scandal because the War of the Roses had it from the time Edward IV took the throne to Henry VII seizing the throne at Bosworth field.  And as I watch this show, it makes me think of that but on a much much larger scale.  I remember reading or hearing somewhere that George R. R. Martin took his inspiration for the series from English history and I can honestly believe that.

And as I watch the show, there are characters that I’ve come to like and I’ve come to dislike and times I want to shout at the screen about them being so dumb.  The thing is that I know Martin is an evil man that likes to toy with his fans and likes to kill off anyone at any time that pleases him, so I try not to get too attached to certain characters but it can’t be helped.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching the first 3 seasons:

  • Ned Stark is too damn honorable for his own damn good.
  • Catelyn Stark is a massive bitch and I really dislike her
  • Robb’s an idiot ruled by his dick
  • Sansa is a foolish little girl that was spoiled by her mother and given unrealistic views and expectations on love, marriage, songs and stories about knights and great deeds.
  • Arya is gonna either be a stone cold killer by the end of the series or she is going to end up committing suicide while taking out the biggest number of her enemies at once. OR she end up a warrior woman that seduces men left and right till one of them is wily enough to catch her and claim her as his own.
  • Theon is a backstabbing coward and while I type this, he is getting tortured and I can’t really watch it because I’m not a fan of torture period.
  • Joffrey is a full fledge psychopath and should have been stripped of his title and banished before he could even become king.  He actually makes me think of Henry VIII but with more of a sadistic side because he is never really told the word ‘no’ and given boundaries.
  • Cersei is a bitter vindictive bitch.  She’s angry that she didn’t marry Rhaegar Targaryen, she’s angry that she was forced to marry Robert Baratheon, she’s angry she can’t be the ruler of Westros that she feels she can be.  She’s pissed that her son is no longer under her thumb, that Margaery Tyrell is one her way to taking her title and crown, giving her even less power.  Honestly her father should have married her off as soon as it was appropriate and stopped letting her think she had the power.
  • Tyrion is fucking awesome.  Like the dude should have some how figured out a way to take his sister out of power, kill his father, and not let his psychopathic nephew claim the throne.  He’s one of the few that I hope survives this insanity.
  • Daenerys is so tragic. I really feel like if Drogo and her son hadn’t died, she would have never cared about the Iron Throne and probably wouldn’t have “birthed” her dragons. But they did and now she is on her way to Westros to claim her birthright and rain dragon fire upon all her enemies.
  • Jamie is fucking idiot too.  Like he’s so whipped by his sister that its ridiculous.  He’s also treated unfairly for doing the right thing but then again that happens to a lot of people.  I would love to see him just say ‘fuck this shit’ and leave.  Either that or for him to stop bowing down to his sisters wants and needs and take control of his own life.
  • Petyr Baelish is fucking evil.  He’s the one that I hope has the most satisfying death for the audience to watch.  He’s to blame for pretty much everything and one on hand I can’t wrap my brain around it and on the other, you gotta give the man props.


That’s all I got for the moment but I’m sure I will have another post after I finish watching the rest of the series.

Winter is Coming” –  words of House Stark

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