I watch a lot of TV….a lot.  Almost as much as I watch movies or read books. In fact I’ve got a giant to-be-read pile, a long list of things to watch in my netflix queue of both movie and tv variety plus a handful of other shows on other streaming services as well as movies that I haven’t seen and want to.  That being said, occasionally someone or something will convince me to put all of my very long to-read/to-watch lists aside and watch/read something else entirely.  In this particular case it is to watch and the show that I can’t believe I’m fucking watching is Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy has never been my medical show of choice, hell I grew up on Chicago Hope and ER.  I mean ER introduced me to the wonders that is Noah Wyle and I watched the last episode of ER on my sofa of the apartment I shared with my boyfriend at the time, killing an entire bottle of champagne because he missed our anniversary.  But that’s not the point, I’ve watched a variety of medical shows from Doogie Howser to Chicago Med to Royal Pains to The Night Shift, but never has the urge to watch Grey’s Anatomy.  I mean I’ve got friends that watch it and my sister-in-law loved the show so much that we would buy the seasons on DVD for her when she was pregnant with various nephews but not me.

So what changed? Abigail Spencer and fucking YouTube. I watch promos and trailers and sneak peaks on YouTube, and one of the shows I watch trailers and promos for is Timeless. Do you know who stars in Timeless? Abigail Spencer. You know who has a character arc on Grey’s Anatomy this season as Megan Hunt, Owen Hunt’s M.I.A sister? Abigail Spencer.  So guess what shows up on my YouTube page the other day? That’s right, a promo for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy with Abigail Spencer so of course I end up watching it which leads me down the rabbit hole of videos of various scenes from Grey’s Anatomy featuring her which lead me eventually to a top ten funniest moments of the show which eventually led me to a video of Meredith and Mark talking about the ‘Dirty Mistresses Club’ in an elevator.

So me being me, I googled the phrase ‘Dirty Mistresses Club’ and found fanfiction, which is my go to thing.  And I found this amazing fanfiction that was apparently completely AU (sadly) and I’ve read it about 4 times now and its a Mark/Meredith story about them being friends prior to her going to med school and basically tells a completely different take on the series.  Of course this has then led me to actually feeling the need to watch and holy the series so I know more about the characters and can make my own opinion.

One week later I’m now on season 5 and I’m driving my best friend crazy because I keep ranting this freaking show to her.  Because OH MY GOD do I have opinions about this show and rants and some really unpopular thoughts.  Thoughts like Derek Shepard aka McDreamy needs to get dick punched a lot in season 1 – 4, especially when he acts like Meredith should be more understanding about his hidden wife. Thoughts like Izzie is a fucking bitch and everyone else needs to tell her to grow the fuck up. Thoughts like I can’t wait for Izzie to get off this fucking series because she irritates the fuck out of me and I especially hate her for the shit she pulls with Alex and George and oh yea that completely unethical bullshit with Denny. Thoughts like I completely admire and respect Shonda Rhimes for creating interesting, diverse, damaged, and realistic women BUT why must they always stay with that first great love that we see them with. She has them keep going back to these men and I guess it because its suppose to be realistic but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.  I really think Derek and Meredith are terrible together (granted I’m only on Episode 4 of season 5) and I think it would have been so much interesting to see Meredith with Alex or Mark (I blame fanfiction for this one again) or Owen Hunt, but no, she always goes back to fucking Derek.  And yes I know what happens to him and yes I know he’s gone in later seasons but I’m talking about currently not in 6 more seasons or whatever.  I just dont get why so many people think he’s so great and wonderful. Granted my taste in men is questionable since I do like Mark Sloan and Alex Karev which seems to be the norm for my taste in men.

The point of this post is that I’m not 100% sure how it happened exactly or why I keep watching it but I’ve become rather invested in at least fucking finishing this show.

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